Friday, February 29, 2008


I am in the pretty city of Charlotte for CIAA this weekend at a spot called "THE BIG CHILL".  I am here to host with DJ 9th Wonder and Parish of EPMD.  Wow!!  This takes me back to the days when Parish and I performed at colleges and universities all over the east coast.  Our first show together was in 86 and it was at Stoney Brook.  At that time Eric Sermon was still in college so Parish had to perform both their parts.  No one was the wiser because the two that made EPMD sound so much alike it didn't even matter.

Anyhow I look forward to tonight and of course I will give you the scoop on how it all goes down.  BTW.. I was invited to co-host a party tomorrow but I backed out once I got wind the other host was the guy who calls himself "THE PIED PIPER".

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Sheletha said...

ohhh i wish i would have known!!! im in greensboro, still kinda new to the city, so i kinda hate going to places like that without someone i know. wow...hope you had some big fun!